YaeTek Excellent 12v Motor Oil Diesel Extractor Scavenge Suction Transfer Change Pump

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  • Motor Oil (40-60 degrees)
  • Flow Rate: approx. 1L / min
  • Diesel Flow Rate: approx. 250L / Hour
  • Inlet Hose Length: approx. 155cm/61''
  • Inlet Hose Outer Diameter: 6mm/0.236''
  • Inlet Hose Inner Diameter: 4mm/0.157''
  • Outlet Hose Length: approx. 124.5cm/49''
  • Outlet Hose Outer diameter: 12mm/0.472''
  • Outlet Hose Inner Diameter: 10mm/0.39''
  • Line Length: approx. 71cm/28''

Precautions for the use of DC oil pump:

  • Before use, confirm whether the power supply is consistent with the voltage of the oil pump, and the allowable deviation of the voltage is ±10%. It is strictly forbidden to directly connect to 220V mains without using a power converter.
  • The DC oil pump power supply has positive (+) and negative (-) ends, the red clip is the (+) pole, and the reverse oil pump will reverse.
  • The oil inlet pipe and joint shall not leak air to ensure the suction stroke.
  • This oil well pump is a special oil well pump for automobile engine oil. It is not suitable for diesel oil or other oil, and it is strictly prohibited to use for gasoline with low ignition point.
  • The longest continuous working time of the oil pump shall not exceed 30 minutes, and no oil-free idling shall not exceed half a minute, so as to avoid damage to the pump core and vanes due to overheating.
  • It is strictly forbidden to pump water or test the machine with water.

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