Length:1700mm Width:1200mm Heigh:2050mm
Min Console Width:300mm Max Console Width:850mm
Length: 5.57' Width:3.94' Heigh:6.72'
Min Console Width:0.98' Max Console Width:2.79'mm

This T-top has legs which will adjust to fit any width Center Console up to 850mm wide. There is no drilling necessary to mount the legs. A custom clamp assembly allows the leg to be moved as often as necessary during installation to achieve a perfect fit. If you have a console with side access door, watch for possible interference.

32mm Bright-dipped aluminium Tube
316 grade stainless steel fasteners
Heavy duty marine hooding fabric
All connectors and mounts are made from marine grade polymers
Detailed assembly instructions
Max./Min console width 0.85m (33.46") /0.30m (11.81").
Cover Dimensions 1.7m(L) (66.92") x 1.2m(W) (47.24")
Console Not Included

32mm (1.25") Bright Dipped Alloy Tube Stainless Fasteners.
Heavy Duty Marine Hooding Material.
Connectors & Mounts in Marine Grade Polymer.
Easy Assembly Instructions.
Height 2.05m (80.70"). Adjusts to Console Console width 1.0m. Includes Floor Mounts.
Length 1.7m (66.92")
Width 1.2m (47.24")