Amarine Made Tactical Belt Modular Heavy Duty Belt Utility Belt with Pouches Holster Gear&Adjustable Nylon Belts (khaki)

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?There are are numerous pockets and compartments for different sized and type items which are all kept in place thanks to heavy duty Velcro.

?It's possible to loosen then slide off unwanted pieces from the belt to customize it just for your purposes.Durable material with great construction allowing free movement and no pain caused on hips from poking you.

?Suitable for correctional officer and or police,also good for Halloween costume,you can put toy gun in the holster,or if you are not a police officer but do maintenance work,this belt is also good for holding flashlights, keys, and etc.

The Tactical Belt Kit included:

1 x Silent Key Holster

1 x Holster for handcuff

1 x Holster for flashlight

1 x Dual magazine holster

1 x Holster for Hunting Tools

1 x Holster for expandable baton

1 x Pouch for pager or cell phone

1 x Holster for a radio(walkie talkie)

1 x Holster for mace or pepper spray

1 x Strap to keep belt from popping out

1 x Adjustable nylon belt (Up To 55" Waist)

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