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  • Long life, switching frequency up to 10 million times;Ultrasonic welding, forming a seal, reliable and secure, not leaking
  • Turn pump on when water level reaches 2" (51mm) ; Turn pump off when water level reaches 3/4"(19mm)
  • Shells made of high quality ABS material, the internal metal contacts to ensure reliable start / stop;
  • Ideal flow sensor for bilge pumps Latest design includes a removable base for easy cleaning and servicing
  • Heavy duty flow switch is designed for the toughest applications; Environmentally responsible.



    Use together with our mini-submersible pump, you can set up automatic unattended shutdown drainage system for the following broad sectors:
    1 General Industrial Equipment and medical equipment;
    2 Chemical Equipment, tourist vehicles, special vehicles and ships;
    3 Industrial machinery accessories;
    4 Agriculture (lawn and garden, etc.);
    5 Vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.;
    6 Water purification and water treatment equipment.


    Max Amps 12volts: 20A
    Max Amps 24volts: 15A
    Max Amps 32volts: 12A
    Wire Length:1m
    Wire gauge size: 18
    N.W/N.W: 0.16/0.18