• 12 Volt Submersible Deep Drop Underwater IP8 Green LED Super Bright Fishing Lamp
  • 5 Sided LED Fishing Light (360 degree view); 126 SMD 2835 Super Bright LED Lights, 3780 lumens brightness;
  • 50,000 Hours of continuous use; Replaceable Inner Globe; , easy to store no breakage;
  • Heavy Duty 19" Power Cord with battery clips


    Note?We are random delivery.So you receive the goods may be round, can also be square.But they are just different appearance, .The 2 kinds fishing founder light have a high quality

    The Power have 2 kind of shapes ,square and round .Product Description
    The lamp applied in deep water fishing, LED light source, energy saving and environment friendly, there is excellent effect on luring and inducing the fish.
    Light trapping is the use of photo taxis of fish and insects, According to this theory ,luring the fish and other insects.
    Setting strong light to lure the fish into the pre-set a good net, and then using the pulley by force, lifting the net and the fish by catch quickly to surface of water

    Application for LED fishing light
    1.The transformation of large fishing vessels.
    2.Light cover net, sea fishing
    3.Cage net, small fishing net
    4.Silver nets,fishermen modified net
    5.Fish ponds,fishing in the lake.