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Product Specifications
* Voltage: 12V DC
Flow capacity: 14 Litres per minute (3.2 Gallons per minute)
Self-priming - Max. lift 3M
* Rugged bronze body and stainless steel shaft ,can be mounted in any position
Includes 2 x 12mm brass hose tails Twin core wire Current Draw: 6 Amp (max. 10 Amp)
* Dimensions: Length 155.5mm x Width 119mm x Height 103mm
Approvals: CE

* Turbocharger oil scavenging has always been an issue. You might have 50 psi feeding the turbo but the slightest restriction in the "drain" will immediately send oil past the exhaust seals, burning up oil and ruining your turbo.
* In the case of remote mounted turbo systems, rear mounted systems, or in systems mounted below the engine oil level, some form of positive scavenging has to be engineered. That is where this pump comes into play.
* Rugged bronze body and stainless steel shaft, Easy connecting system, Soft rubber mounts

* This pump is a gear pump, the best kind of pump for oil scavenging.
* Bronze gears. Brass pump body. No diaphragms to fail like our competitors pumps.
* Gear design for maximum scavenge.
* The same oil that it scavenges also lubes up its gears.
* This is a racing part, please do not expect the product to be quiet.

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