Amarine Made DC 12V Farm & Ranch Solar Water Pump Submersible Well booster Pump 26ft Lift Black

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1)Simple structure, less components, easy maintenance and repair.
2)Use High-quality corrosion-resistant materials, compact and durable.
3)Safety: DC voltage, 60V maximum security and stability, will not burn out the machine.
4).Coaxial machine,use floating port ring structure ,improve the mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency.
5)High-lift: Use Bi-turbo roundabout countercurrent technology,stable drainage and can greatly improve the pump head, meet rinse water.
6)Small sound, no noise pollution, pagoda shaped outlet easy connected for pipe, mini-handle with good insulation properties, surface antisepsis, wear resistance,high mechanical hardness.

Use and maintenance manual
1)Check if power voltage are fit with pump
2)Check if red cable line is connected with positive pole(+), and the other wire should be connected with negative pole (-)
3)Forbid idling:please do not keep the pump motor idling more than 1 motor which may damage the oil seal.
4)Do not pull the cable wire when put in or pull out the pump in the water.
5)Before using pump, please put pump in water in advance, then power-on
6)After using or do not use the pump,the battery is not suitable to be immersed in water for a long time,please keep pump out of water after use and dry it in ventilation places.
7)If the water source has sediment and other sundry,please put the pump in a bamboo basket or other anti-pollution equipment to prevent blocking.
8)If the head is too low,please check the connecting wire is too long or the wire is less than pump’s cable wire;open the bottom mesh net to check whether the impeller is blocked or not;or the power is not enough.

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