Amarine Made Boat T-Top an Ideal Canopy for Centre Console Boat,Aluminium Tube T Top - Blue Canvas (66.9"x55.2"x80.7")

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??.T-Top parts and components

??Canopy Section Components

2 X Top side frame

2 X Top "U" frame

2 X Top middle frame

2 X "T" Joiner section

2 X "J" Joiner section

1 X Nylon cord

1 X Canopy Top

??Base Section Components

2 X Back upright

2 X Front upright

1 X Large cross bar

4 X Small side cross bar

6 X Side mount(Top)

6 X Side mount(Bottom)

4 X Base Mount

12X Bolt SS316

12X Hexagonal nut SS316

12X Shim

12X Self tapping screw

24X Lock screws

??.Assembly instructions

??.Assembling the canopy section

1.Slide the T and J joiner section to the top middle frame

2.Insert top side frame into the top middle frame

The top middle frame T joiners should be closest to the top side frame bend

3.Insert the U frame onto the side of both top frame

4.Drill and fasten the canopy section frame atthe points indicated,using the illustration as s guide

5.Lay out the canopy fabric top side downard place the inverted frame overit.

??.Assembling the base section

1.Join the front and back uprights using the small side cross bar to form Two H frames

2.Connect these Two H frame using the larse cross bar.

3.Attach the base mounts to he frame

??Mounting the base section

1.Mark the locations where you will fit the mounts on the front of your console

2.Mark and drill positions for all side mounts

3.Attach the canopy section to hte base section

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