Complete LED Light Kit - includes both rear trailer tail lights (street side and curb side), 15' trailer wiring harness, plastic license plate holder, mounting clips, and wire connectors
Street side light has 18 diodes including the license plate illuminator (face has 12 diodes, side marker has 2 diodes, license plate illuminator has 4 diodes)
Curb side light has 14 diodes (face has 12 diodes, side marker has 2 diodes)
Lights measure 4-1/2" x 5-1/2"
Stud Mount: 2 Bolts on 2" centers
Lens Color: Red
fully potted circuitry with gasketed lenses and housing
Stop, Tail, and Turn functions
DOT approved
Convert your old incandescent lights to more modern LEDs
LEDs are brighter and light faster, draw less current and generate less heat than incandescents
Brand new, buy with confidence!

  • Waterproof LED Functions Trailer Light Kit
  • Has all the components necessary to bring a trailer up to DOT lighting requirements for both under and over 80in applications
  • 2 LED stud-mount tail lights, red side marker/reflectors, license bracket, 15 Feet wiring harness and hardware.
  • Complies with DOT standards
  • High visibility LED taillights last longer than standard incandescent lights