Amarine Made 8345SAR3 4 Step Boat Ladder Sliding Rail Ladder with Springs and Screws

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Very well-built, the spring that holds the ladder in the stowed position has plenty of tension to keep the ladder retracted when the boat is running in rough water. And because it has 4 steps it hangs deep into the water. When you are in shallow water simply use a bungee to hold the 4th step up to the 3rd step to prevent it from rubbing the ground.

Designed for under platform use - stows easily and compactly .
Ideal for installations under swim platforms or under the deck on bow or side of pontoon boats .
Ladder stows compactly within its own length .
Spring loaded self-locking for stowage .
No More dealing with Velcro Straps, Bungee Cords, and Rubber Straps.
Carry handle for easy fold and unfold .
Flat poly treads for increased comfort .
316 stainless steel - rated to 1190 lbs.

How To Mount

1. Choose the most suitable side of your transom platform for mounting the ladder.
2. When mounting, locate a place where the ladder will not interfere with the turning of the motor or be near the propeller of your craft.
3. Position the mounting bracket with the ladder in the area to be attached.
4.Mark the bracket’s eight mounting holes onto the deck surface.
5.Drill the eight marked holes with a suitable drill bit. NOTE: It is recommended to through-bolt this ladder for a secure installation.
6. Mount the ladder in place by holding bracket up to platform and inserting mounting screws. Secure ladder in place with fasteners (not provided, as installations vary).

Safety Guildlines

No jumping or diving!
Do not use when motor is running
This ladder designed for boat use only
Face ladder when entering boat or water
Only one person on ladder at a time
Check all steps and hardware before using
Never operate your boat with the ladder in “down” position. Serious injury, or damage to your boat or ladder may result.

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