• 3 telescoping steps ,Black plastic grooved flat steps ,Flat poly treads for comfortable boarding
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Conveniently stows out of the way, Out of Sight Under Platform
  • Self-locking angled support bracket
  • Steps telescope up and slide horizontally under swim platform for stowage, poly strap secures ladder in stowed position


Product description


Manufacturer: Alfa-Made
Color(s): Silver w/ Black steps
Steps: 3
Height: 34-1/2" Deployed; 14-4/5“ Stowed
(13" with mounting brackets)
Center: 9"
Mount(s): Under Platform; (2) brackets 10½" apart center on center 

Measure for Fit 
Locate the area of the swim platform where it will be best to mount your ladder. Measure the top of where you will be mounting the ladder to the top of the waterline and compare it with the length of the ladder to determine how far (or how many steps) the ladder will extend below the waterline. The more steps below the waterline the easier it will be to board. 

For the width, measure the available width clearance where you will be mounting the ladder to the platform. Be sure to take in account the boat motor or any other accessories you will have mounted on your boat. This will let you know the maximum width available for mounting your ladder.