Amarine-made 24V Stainless Shell Submersible 2.1GPM Deep Well Water DC Pump/Alternative Energy Solar Battery

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: Amarine Made

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  • Offers a solution to your remote water needs.
  • Designed to be used with solar panels and 24v battery systems
  • This means Easy Hookup to most any existing solar panels or wind generator systems.
  • Can be used with or without components such as voltage controllers.
  • Can be used for livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, remote homes and cabins
  • Unique water blocked cable connector is impervious to water leakage and condensation problems preventing water-wicking.
  • Application:v Great for livestock watering Deep well, remote home and cabin


1. For 4" wells or larger
2. Quick disconnect with "Watertight-Gland" Design Pat Pend
3. Corrosion-proof housing with stainless-steel fastener
4. Run dry without damage
5. State of the art solid diaphragm
6. Stainless Steel fastener
7. Pump Design: Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
8. Motor: Permanent Magnet Thermally Protected
9. Material: Stainless Steel Sheel

Waring: Don't use any submersible pump for petrol/gasoline,petroleum products,solvents,thinners or any other fammable liquid with a flash point below 82 degree(180F).Not for use where flammable vapors are present.

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