Amarine Made 170pcs Fishing Terminal Tackle Box Including Swivel Slides,Crossline Barrel Swivels,Fishing Beads,Split Shot Weights,Barrel Swivels,Barrel Snap Swivels,Off Set Hooks and Weights

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: Amarine Made

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Our products contain different kinds of fishing accessories which can adapt to different fishing kinds and occasions,suitable for various waters such as oceans, lakes, rivers, swamps, streams and so on. Equipped with luminous beads, you can freely fish at night.
Package includes:
10pcs yellow swivel slides
10pcs blue swivel slides
10pcs red swivel slides
15pcs crossline barrel swivels
39pcs fishing beads
10pcs split shot weights
10pcs 1/0 barrel swivels
10pcs 2# barrel swivels
10pcs 4# barrel swivels
10pcs 2# barrel snap swivels
10pcs 4# barrel snap swivels
20pcs 1# off set hooks
6pcs weights

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