A macerator pump unit
Perfect solution for draining marine holding tanks when not in a discharge restricted area.
Self-priming to 5ft
Pump will empty a 30 gallon (115 Liter) holding tank in less than 3 minutes.
Duty cycle of the pump is 15 minutes continuous (180 gallon (680 liter) can be emptied in a single operation).
It is recommended that holding tanks be flushed with several gallons of water after each pump out.This will reduce the possibility of a continued buildup of residue in the tank which could cause a possible obstruction.

Fully sealed motor
Powerful chopper blades.
4 blade choppers to reduce clogging.
12GPM flow rate will empty a 30 gallon holding tank in 3 minutes.
Inlet 1 1/2"- discharge 1.
12V macerator pump

  • Model:AM12-MP-4500-12-1
  • Open Flow: 45 LPM / 12 GPM
  • Inlet 1 1/2"- discharge 1.
  • Volt: 12V;AMPS:10A,MAX.AMPS:16A
  • Pressure off (psi/bar): NO