Amarine Made 12v 260W Diesel Biodiesel Kerosene Pumpcast Fuel Oil Transfer Pump

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Item Description:
Please read carefully and operate in strict accordance with the safety standards of the product instructions.
The pump is strictly prohibited from Water, flammable liquids (such as , gasoline, alcohol, etc.)
Technical parameter and performance index
(The following data are tested at: voltage 12V)
PO.: SH-0223
Voltage: 12V
Current: 11A
Water-carrying capacity: 60L/min
Pump head (lift): 10M
Suction: 8-9M
Power: 260W
1.oil pump can pump diesel, kerosene, edible oil and other ground consistency liquids, Not suitable for low ignition point gasoline and high viscosity oil refueling.
2.Before use, check whether the power supply matches the oil pump voltage.
3.DC power supply has?+??-?, red line is positive, otherwise the pump reverse, no oil output. shown in the arrowhead, the inlet pipe and joint can not leak, in order to ensure the suction range.
5.inlet pipe should be installed with the supporting filter to avoid the damage of the motor by the hard sundries inhaling, and it is necessary to remove the dirt on the filter surface.
6.when oil pump operating, no oil free or back suction cannot operate more than 5 minutes, in order to avoid the pump core, scraping piece friction heat damage motor.
7.after 500 hours working, the pump should be asked for professional maintenance and maintenance.
Common troubleshooting?
Do not out of oil at the first time1.(+)(-)connect inversely1.Connect correctly
2.inlet oil pipeline leak2.Connect inlet oil pipeline and locking pipe
3.without little smoked liquid before starting up3.Add a little bit smoked liquid
Less oil (liquid) output1.low power supply voltage1.Access the appropriate voltage
2.suction or lift overproof2.Adjustment suction and lift
3.Blockage of foreign objects in the oil inlet filter net3.Clean the dirty

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