12 Pack 6mm 1/4" Design Stamps, 12 Mixed Patterns Metal Punch Stamp (Nature Theme) Stamping Tool Kit - Electroplated Hard Carbon Steel Tools for DIY Jewelry Making on Metal Jewelry Leather Wood

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1. Every stamp is precisely machined to ensure all stamps are of the same size. In addition, all stamps are manufactured to be clear and legible upon use.
2. The hardness is high, and the service life is long, both labor saving and clear words can be made.
3. Every stamp is securely organized in hard shell carrying case. The strong plastic top opening box is also easily stored.
4. Use with a basic hammer to permanently engrave names, addresses and other sentiments onto all different types of mediums including jewelry.
5. Easy to press into materials such as aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, silver, wood, and leather. These stamps will survive almost any stamping job you can throw at them.
6. It can be used to make beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other related accessories that can be given as gifts to friends, family, lovers, to press on the other's name, to commemorate the date, and to look both beautiful and natural.

Made of Electroplated Hard Carbon Steel
Impression Size: 1/4"(6mm)
12 Pack Design Stamps:
(1)Music Note; (2)Cactus; (3)Skull & Crossbones; (4)Four-leaf Clover; (5)Snow; (6)Paws; (7)Arrow; (8)Heart with Wing; (9)Diamond; (10)Bow; (11)Bird; (12)Leaf

Available for Different Materials
1. Soft material: pewter, sterling silver, aluminum
Suitable Hammer: 8oz or 16oz
Advantage: Relatively easy to stamp
Note: one strike with medium force to make a full impression

2. Medium material: brass, copper, nickel silver
Suitable Hammer: 16oz
Advantage: More scratch resistant than softer blanks
Note: one strike with a more forceful strike than soft material

3. Hard material: steel, stainless steel
Very durable, relatively difficult to stamp

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