1000g/0.01g Electronic Fabric GSM Weight Scale Precision Digital Analytic Balance with a 0-2mm Disc Sampler Cloth Cutter for Textile Paper Non-Woven Fabrics (1000g/0.01g+ Sampler)

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The GSM = Sample weight * 100
The sample weight means the weight of the sample you cut with the disc Cutter.

Balance Product Description
High quality stainless steel scale, high precision sensor
new ABS material, heat and low temperature resistance, chemical corrosion
thickness steel chassis, anticorrosive paint.
Chassis has high quality sensor screws, corrosion resistance.
Rubber antiskid fixed foot to prevent balance slipping caused data instability Precision weighing, can detect small changes in weight, even a gust of wind

Adjustable Fabric sampler
Cutting thickness:most suitable 0-2mm (adjustable), max 5mm;
Adjustable switch,open the switch protection plug, rotate the sampling thickness, then tighten, easily sample
Antiskid tooth chassis, Aluminum alloy material,Wear-resistant and not rusty. Antiskid tooth can better grasp the cloth.
Easy to replace the blade

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