About Us

Amarine is a brand from Forstreet London Ltd, 1st Floor Front, 36 Gerrard Street,London W1D 5QA. We mainly focus on boating accessories and have been selling them to millions of boaters since it's founded. Besides this, fishing gear is also a popular collection which our customers love about.

Even though our business model is for retailing market, meanwhile we do wholesale too, please CONTACT US if you need any assistance!

Amarine is aiming to get better with helping boaters find the best marine parts easily and quickly. At the same time, we are growing day by day through understanding our customers' needs and providing better service. We make sure you always could see the value of Amarine.

At Amarine, we're striving to become every lovely boater's friend. Your satisfaction will be always put at the first place. Please do not feel hesitate to reach out to us!

Email: amarine.store@yaemall.com