Amarine-made automatic bilge pump -1100 gph

Compact, automatic, fully submersible electric pump

Built-in float switch! (No separate float switch is needed)

Equipped with built in electronic controlled reed sensor system for easy fully automatic operation

No power use until pump is activated by internal float switch (when water level rises)

Compact, efficient, long life motor

Rustproof and corrosion resistant

Stainless steel shaft

High-impact durable plastic housing

Quick release strainer for easy maintenance

Extremely efficient, very low current draw and offer high capacity output

Water cooled long-life motors

Ignition protection to protect the pump against high current

Water/moisture tight seals

Silent and vibrationless operation

Anti-airlock protection

Will not burn out when run dry

Integrated float switch TEST button at rear of unit

Can be used with switch panel for manual override

Includes comprehensive user manual with installation instructions and wiring diagram